Never Before f. [Handprinted screen miniature of serigraph by Josef Albers in yellow ochre, dark orange, tan, pink, lavender.]

Bedford Village, NY: Tyler Graphics, ©1976. This superb miniature serigraph was produced by Tyler Graphics as a prospectus for their limited edition prints of Albers' last series, "Never Before" (46 copies, full size image 19.1 x 20 inches). The miniature offered here is not a reproduction in the dictionary sense of a "copy," normally in another medium. It is the same print in a small size, produced in the same silkscreen technique as the original and using the same inks. There are two parts. The print has an image size of 4.5 x 4.9 in. (11.4 x 12.4 cm); and is printed on white paper 7.7 x 8.15 in (19.6 x 20.7) cm (oversquare). That is mounted in a tan folder 9 in. square (22.9 cm) with the following explanatory text by Nicholas Fox Weber: "Josef Albers' final print series is based on a theme he first explored in 1959 in the painting "Indicating Solids" and again took up in 1971 in the large oil "Never Before." Albers and the Tyler workshop used a collage system to work out the colors for each of the twelve prints, which all have the same format reduced from the 1971 painting. Tyler made cutouts in numerous sample inks of the different sections of the five-color scheme. Albers then juxtaposed them, making over 100 collages before he came up with his twelve solutions. He started in the center and then determined the outer colors, reminiscent of the way his father had taught him to paint a door so that he never dirtied his cuffs. The workshop printed each color directly on the white paper, fitting in all five parts with perfect registration." As new, except shallow bend along bottom edge of folder not affecting print. For other similar publications, please search for "Tyler Graphics," "Robert Motherwell," or "Frank Stella" as author and "miniature" as title. **Free domestic or international shipping with direct order. Item #00401

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