"I just bought the 8th wonder of the world": letters & ephemera of James Lee Byars. James Lee Byars, Ashley Loga, Laurence McGilvery, 1932–1997.

"I just bought the 8th wonder of the world": letters & ephemera of James Lee Byars

La Jolla, California: Laurence McGilvery, 2015. 120 numbered copies published 21 January 2015. 11 color plates. 16 pp. Decorated paper covers. 28 x 21 cm. A priced catalogue describing in detail nine original letter pieces by James Lee Byars and five printed pieces, with transcriptions by Ashley Loga of Byars' eccentric writing, plus extensive notes. Most of the nine unique pieces are museum quality and date from 1971 to 1974; the printed ones were produced in 1967 and 1974. They include: 1) a large golden egg with matching envelope; 2) a heart made of five leaves of tissue with a vivid matter red surface; 3) a golden bone about 9 x 36 inches, plus envelope; 4) a "spider" letter made of crumpled black tissue about 5 feet in diameter; 5) "Rat" "Balls," a wearable sculpture, with gold envelope; 6) a brilliant orange scroll about 1 foot by 19 feet describing Byars' interesting adventures at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the fall of 1971; 7 & 8) a pair of charming and biographically significant letters from Byars' very young girlfriend BB (Birgit Grögel) in Bern to him in New York, with one envelope; and 9) a scroll 5-3/4 inches x 9 feet 6 inches, with envelope. **Free domestic or international shipping with direct order. Item #04549

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