Item #100668 "Yes..... je délivré vô... bon petits noirs…." Original lithograph, anti-slavery caricature, 1844. Honoré Daumier.

"Yes..... je délivré vô... bon petits noirs…." Original lithograph, anti-slavery caricature, 1844

Paris: Charivari, June 12, 1844. Where is Daumier when we need him? In the pages of Le Charivari and other newspapers Daumier portrayed with wit and precision and an unmistakeable style of drawing the foibles and follies of his fellow citizens in lithographs like this one, about 3900 of them in Le Charivari alone. His public cut them out of the papers and saved them by the tens of thousands, thus preserving them for us at still-affordable prices. This masterful one with its still-too-timely subject--downtown San Diego is shut down as I write this by demonstrators with racial justice on their minds--is printed on the back, as usual. It is Delteil 1313, 2nd state, plate number XXI in the series "Les philantropes du jour." The image is 20.8 x 23.1 cm. The paper has been cut down from the full newspaper size to 36-5 (irregular) x 25.4 cm. The original text, in barbarous French, reads: The pompous English captain, "Yes..... je délivré vô... bon petits noirs.... vô être emmenés en servioutoude par le négrier, qui été un polissonne... mais vô venir avec biaucoup de satisfactionne travailler pendant quatorze ans dans les colonies de la Angleterre...." The slave, "Mais si nous li pas vouloir?...." The captain, "Alors vous li recevoir des coups de bambou.... jusqu'à ce qu'on voyé travailler vô avec biaucoup de bonne volonté et de satisfactionne!...." Translation: "Yes, I will liberate you, you good little blacks..... you shall no longer be held as slaves .... instead you will joyfully sign up for 14 years in the English colonies...." "But if we don't wish to join?" "Then you shall have as many receive bamboo strokes as you need.... until you are ready to joyfully work with full satisfaction for us." Fine. Item #100668

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