Lichtenstein at Gemini [haystacks & Rouen cathedral]. Prospectus. Roy. Tuten Lichtenstein, Frederick.

Lichtenstein at Gemini [haystacks & Rouen cathedral]. Prospectus

Los Angeles: Gemini G.E.L 1969. 13 miniature facsimiles and 4-page text folder loose in die-cut red folder. 16.6 x 24.6 cm (folder size). "Lichtenstein" on the front red cover appears as punched holes. The cover of the text folder, visible through the holes, has "at" and "Gemini" above and below "Lichtenstein" in red dots the same size as the holes against a black backround covered densely with dark blue dots. The 13 plates are miniature lithographs printed in inks the same colors as the larger limited edition prints for which this publication is the prospectus. The colors are black and white, black and red, dark blue and red, dark gray and red, a very pale yellow and white, dark blue and very pale gray, black and yellow, and a very dark purple and black. These are pure, vivid colrs mixed exactly to the desired collrs, not 3- or 4-color separations for offset lithography. One of the plates, "Embossed Haystack," is extraordinary by any measure. An aluminum lithograph platewas turned into a relief plate by cutting away the parts of the image that were to be printed in black. The unprinted paper becomes raised white dots, and the blank verso of the paper bears the pattern in reverse. The image, at 10x magnification, is near perfection. The subjects are Lichtenstein's variations on Monet's series of cathedrals and haystacks. They arose from John Coplans' article on Serial Imagery in the October 1968 Artforum and his exhibition of the same title at the Pasadena Art Museum. The text is an interview of Lichtenstein by Frederick Tuten concerning these prints. Laid in: a postcard announcement of Lichtenstein's Mirror Series addressed to Riva Castleman, then-curator of prints at MoMA. Some rubbing at the spine. **Free domestic or international shipping with direct order. Item #20191

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