Item #25201 Dennis Oppenheim archive (1963?-2011?) from Helene Verin. Dennis Oppenheim, Helene Verin.
Dennis Oppenheim archive (1963?-2011?) from Helene Verin
Dennis Oppenheim archive (1963?-2011?) from Helene Verin
Dennis Oppenheim archive (1963?-2011?) from Helene Verin
Dennis Oppenheim archive (1963?-2011?) from Helene Verin
Dennis Oppenheim archive (1963?-2011?) from Helene Verin
Dennis Oppenheim archive (1963?-2011?) from Helene Verin
Dennis Oppenheim archive (1963?-2011?) from Helene Verin

Dennis Oppenheim archive (1963?-2011?) from Helene Verin

NYC & various locations: the authors and others, ca. 1963-2011. DENNIS OPPENHEIM ARCHIVE from HELENE VERIN

Nearly 400 items, including holograph notes and sketches, biographical material, photographs, publications, & ephemera


Holograph note: “Things to stay on top of”

“Early morning blues”; pencil on two sides of 3-hole notebook paper

Note to Helene about prints from Dennis Oppenheim studio, in envelope

Holograph list in blue pencil-signed

“H – call Thais Latham”; holograph note in red pen with sketch on verso

Sketches and notes for “Shots in the dark”

“It’s more difficult for me now”; holograph note in red, both sides

“A Series of One-Hour Lectures”; holograph note in red and pencil stapled to separate leaf with design for poster and calculations on verso

2 holograph foolscap leaves with notes (“Venet”) and geometric sketches

“You say your well has run dry”; 4 holograph legal-size foolscap leaves attached together that appear to be self-examination

Similar text, typed on yellow paper

“Hey, man. Has your well run dry?”; four sheets of notes and sketches stapled together

“Body art”; holograph list in blue pen

”Things to do”; large Oppenheim printed envelope with holograph notes and sketch

“A very exciting week in Montana,” undated pencil holograph notes on 8 x 14 yellow foolscap, both sides, plus 5 sheets 5 x 8 in pencil and red pen, all stapled; plus one leaf 3-hole paper, both sides in pencil (perhaps unrelated to forgoing)

6 leaves notes and drawings remaining in a pad of yellow legal foolscap


Dr. James G. Harrison, M.D. To Whom It May Concern, 7/9/1963, describing treatment 8/10/1961 to 1/25/1963 for schizophrenic episodes—printed letter-size

2 photocopy leaves of letter by Jack Burnham to D.O. 2/6/1969 (2 copies)

8 pp. stapled c.v. from M.L. D’Arc Gallery, probably 1976

Helene Verin to Dennis Oppenheim. Letter, 2/28/1977 1 leaf—photocopy

Dennis Oppenheim & Helene Verin preliminary contract, 3/20/1977—photocopy of signed document; 1 leaf

Dennis Oppenheim. & Helene Verin contract, original, signed by both, 12/21/1977, 4 leaves

Clipping NYT, obituary, Thursday, 1/27/2011


Helene Verin c.v. (6 copies)

Photocopy of typed letter from Helene Verin to Dennis Oppenheim, 28 Feb. 1977, assuring him of her capabilities as agent

Typed letter signed by Dennis Oppenheim on his medium-size printed paper, folded in matching envelope, attesting to Helene Verin’s skills as an artist’s representative. December 28, 1977. Not mailed

4-page draft of a contract between Helene Verin and an artist (blank)

2 leaves of correspondence & invoice with Thomas Leavens re above

4 leaves concerning legal matters with Neiman-Marcus


Approximately 146 8 x 10 photographs of works, many with documentation

1 color Polaroid of Dennis Oppenheim & unidentified man

8 color slides in holder

4 b/w images together on small board


Approximately 306 photocopies of reviews, etc., including a few clippings and many duplicates


Dennis Oppenheim. Indentations. Amsterdam: Galerie Yaki Kornblitt, [1969?]. 500 copies (not signed). Very rare.

Dennis Oppenheim: catalyst 1967-1970. Reprint from Arstcanada, August 1970 (3 copies)

Nueve dias con Dennis Oppenheim en el Centro de Arte y Communica Nine days with Dennis Oppenheim, Center of Art and Comunicación. Agosto 1971. Signed in green ink on cover.

Dennis Oppenheim. Amsterdam: Stedelijk Museum 18 jan.- 2 maart 1974, Kat. 554

Dennis Oppenheim color folder, Museum Boymans-van Beuningen, Rotterdam, 25 maart-9mei 1976 (2 copies)

Dennis Oppenheim b/w folder, Denise René / Hans Mayer 1976

Dennis Oppenheim. Kunsthalle Basel 13. Mai–24. Juni 1979. Oversquare cat.

Dennis Oppenheim: Launching structure #3. . . . Feb 7-Mar 26, 1983. Tokyo: Ikeda Gallery, 1983. Very rare.

Dennis Oppenheim color folder, Denise René / Hans Mayer 1984

On Site, partial issue with added holograph material


Sheet of blank Dennis Oppenheim stationery and 2 no. 10 envelopes + 3 printed Dennis Oppenheim envelopes 10 x 13. Smaller size printed envelope, 7-1/2 in. (2)


Postcard. Dennis Oppenheim John Gibson Gallery, NYC. Sat., Feb, 16- Mar. 6, [prob. 1974, or 1980]. Unmailed

Postcard. Dennis Oppenheim Snow projects. John Gibson Gallery, NYC. Sat., Jan. 11–Feb. 14, [prob. 1975]. Unmailed

Dennis Oppenheim: a search for clues. Large card printed in black on reflective card stock. M.L. D’Arc, 1976

“Early morning blues,” poster, D’Arc Gallery, March 15, 1977 (2 copies, folded in 4); one addressed, but not mailed, on the verso to H.V. c/o Dennis Oppenheim, 54 Franklin Street, NY, NY 10013 xV

Color postcard mailed to Dennis Oppenheim. His recent works, May 7-25, 1977, from John Gibson Gallery for Basel Art Fair. Corner creased
— — — another copy to Campbell/Knox-Leet/Landep in Toronto, with message
— — — 2 more copies, unmailed

Color postcard. Marianne Deson Gallery, Chicago, Nov. 11-Dec. 6, 1978. Not mailed

Dennis Oppenheim: “Projects portfolio,” 1973. Max Protech, DC & NYC. Label originally attached to something, with glue residue on verso

Fort Worth Art Museum calendar, December 1977. Poster, folded in 8. Item #25201

Price: $5,400.00