Item #28563 Peanuts: 280 page proofs 1963-1969 (1680 strips) PRICE REDUCED. Charles M. Schulz.
Peanuts: 280 page proofs 1963-1969 (1680 strips) PRICE REDUCED
Peanuts: 280 page proofs 1963-1969 (1680 strips) PRICE REDUCED
Peanuts: 280 page proofs 1963-1969 (1680 strips) PRICE REDUCED

Peanuts: 280 page proofs 1963-1969 (1680 strips) PRICE REDUCED

New York: United Features Syndicate, 1963-1969. 280 Page proofs of daily Peanuts strips. Large bound volume, printed 6 to a page on one side of tabloid newsprint—a total of 1680 strips from Schulz’s classic period. The collection starts November 4–9, 1963, and ends September 15–20, 1969. There are gaps of 25 sheets, all itemized in a detailed description (see below). When hot-metal printing was the norm, the syndicates supplied comic strips by the week in the form of pasteboard stereotype molds. Each newspaper then filled the mold with molten metal to cast a plate that could be cut apart, assembled onto a page, and printed on a press. These proof sheets accompanied each week’s installments as a guide to the editor. They were printed directly from the syndicate’s original metal plates and are the closest surviving form to Schulz’s drawings. The impression in the paper clearly is visible at 10X magnification. This unique set came from the Jamestown [ND] Sun, circulation about 8,000. It is bound in blue buckram 44 x 26 cm (17-1/4 x 10-1/8 inches) with the title "Peanuts" on the spine. It is almost without flaws, apart from the expected browning of the newsprint. Highlights include surf-riding Snoopy shouting out ”Cowabunga!” and then wiping out, Peppermint Patty’s first appearance, and the sad moment when The Little Red-Haired Girl moves away. Guaranteed authentic.

Peanuts” did not run in the Jamestown Sun for nearly two months during a dispute between the newspaper and the syndicate. Some other weeks also are missing. Following is a list of the gaps, 25 sheets in all:

1964: Jan. 13–19, April 13–19, May 4–9
1965: Sept. 27–Oct. 2, Oct. 4–9, Oct. 11–16, Oct. 18–23, Oct. 25–30, Nov. 1–6,
Nov. 8–13, Nov. 15–20, Nov. 22–27 [please note that the three weeks
Nov. 29–Dec. 18 are present], Dec. 20–25
1966: Dec. 27 (1965)–Jan. 1, Jan. 3–8, Jan. 10–15, Jan. 17–22, Jan. 24–29,
Jan. 31–Feb. 5, Feb. 7–12, Sept. 12–17, Oct. 3–8, Oct. 17–22
1967: May 8–13
1968: Aug. 12–17.

The sheets are untrimmed on the top and bottom but perforated at the left edge for binding and trimmed about 7 mm on the right edge. They came folded in quarters, and the creases remain, though they are fairly flat. The newsprint naturally has browned somewhat but is in excellent condition for its age. The sheet for July 5–10, 1965 has a small spot worn through it at the center where the two folds cross. The one for February 20–25, 1967 has a triangular piece cut out of the right edge at the horizontal fold. This does not affect the images. There is a small, closed tear (7 mm) in the right margin of September 18–23, 1967. WAS $3500.

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