Tomasello: recent works. Luis. Galerie Denise René Tomasello, New York.

Tomasello: recent works

New York: Galerie Denise RenéMay 1973. Imaginative cover + 25 plates & illustrations (3 color). [30] pp. Paper covers. 26 x 21 cm. The ingenious cover design produces a subtle and beautiful optical effect. The covers consist of three panels: a blank rear cover and thin spine, a front cover, and a frontispiece portrait of the artist in his studio that folds inside to face the title page. The front cover is perforated with 100 die-cut squares 1 cm that expose the blank side of the frontispiece. The verso of the front cover has a silkscreened pattern of 100 open, 1.75 cm squares in brilliant vermillion and green. If the two parts of the front cover separate slightly -- when the book is handled, for instance -- the colored pattern inside reflects as a shadow or wash on the normally white paper behind it. This catalogue by the Argentine artist Luis Tomasello is one of the most brilliant of all the inventive publications of the Galerie Denise René. Very scarce. Fine. **Free domestic or international shipping with direct order. Item #32301

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