Item #34521 Robert Whitman theater works 1960–1976 (poster). Robert Whitman, 1935-.

Robert Whitman theater works 1960–1976 (poster)

New York: 589 Washington Street, April 8–May 18, 1976 (postmark). Sponsored by Dia Art Foundation. Poster. Color offset lithograph printed on two sides of lightly coated paper. 31 x 24 inches / 78.5 x 60.9 cm. Folded in eight. The images on the color front are a sliced-open orange above a similar lime on a black ground, with the title, dates, and location below. The other side, in black on white, has the same image in a smaller size in one quadrant; an address label, metered postage, and the printed return address in half of the adjacent quadrant; programs with three photos and a map on a third quadrant; and the fourth, adjacent quadrant blank. The address panel and its small adjacent blank share the remnants of a paper seal; that blank also bears a small, light library stamp and a deaccession stamp. The seven performances are: April 8-10: Prune Flat (1965), Salad PN (1974); April 15-17: Flower (1963); April 22-24: American Moon (1960); April 29-May 1): Nighttime Sky (1965); May 6-8: Film Images (1960-1976); May 13-15: Light Touch (1976). Copy located only at MoMA. Some unavoidable wrinkling at the center junction of the main folds. Near fine. **Free domestic shipping with direct order. Item #34521

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