Art international, Vol. III:1/2, 1959, through Vol. XXI:5, 1977. SALE PRICE through December 31. 2018. James Fitzsimmons, ed.

Art international, Vol. III:1/2, 1959, through Vol. XXI:5, 1977. SALE PRICE through December 31. 2018

Zürich [later Lugano, Switzerland]: James Fitzsimmons, 1956-1984. A nearly unbroken run of approximately 190 numbers (approximately 180 individual issues) of this fine art periodical in its most effective format. James Fitzsimmons, an American expatriate born in China could have looked like a dilettante during the first two years of his career as a publisher of art periodicals. Beginning as a modest calendar of events called European Art This Month, the later Art International was about 24.5 x 17 cm in size and 40 to 112 pp. The swan emerged with vol. 3, no. 1/2 in early 1959 (the beginning of this set): a beautifully designed and printed, oversize periodical more than twice as large as its parent (about 34.5 x 24.5 cm). It championed American art in Europe and introduced American art lovers, and especially artists, to the largely unknown avant garde being produced in the Old World, as it recovered from World War II. The periodical continued through vol. 27, no 4 (Sept.-Nov.1984), usually 10 numbers per year. It revived as a quarterly in Paris in 14 issues from autumn 1987 to spring-summer 1991. A few issues from 1978 to 1991 are available to partially extend this set, along with some of Fitzsimmons' other periodicals: Lugano Review, New Lugano Review, and Art Spectrum. **This unbound run, all in its original covers, has been fully collated; most copies are in excellent condition. Sizes vary from 19:3 (March, 1975) onward. Volume 21 contains only six issues, and no. 6 is missing. The four scans are covers by Max Bill, Alberto Burri, Adolph Gottlieb, and Gene Davis. Shipping to any location is extra for this very heavy set. A shorter run of Volumes 3 to 10 also is available at $950. Search author: James Fitzsimmons; title: Art International, Vol. III:1/2, 1959, through Vol. X:10, Dec. 1966. Original and future price of this set is $1750. SALE PRICE $1400 through December 31, 2018. Item #68701

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