Artforum, volume XIII [13], number 3, November 1974. Lynda Benglis issue. Complete, but water-damaged

New York: Artforum, 1974. This issue has become extremely rare, due to a much-sought-after color ad featuring the artist Lynda Benglis in a transgressive pose. The issue also contains articles that may be of interest to other people. In addition to a 6-page article on Ms Benglis, other subjects are: Skyscraper style: Art Deco New York; John Storrs; Talking with William Rubin; On Bruce Boice; Jonathan Borofsky at 2,096,974; two articles on photography, by Max Kozloff; and book reviews. A few copies of this issue were damaged in a window leak years ago. They are complete but somewhat rippled. Many of the coated pages stuck together and have been separated, with intermittent internal damage. There is no staining. Thanks to a great deal of black ink that protected them, the opening pages with the Benglis ad are undamaged, apart from some warping. Only two such copies available. We will be happy to describe them. Most other issues of Artforum available. Also, please see our long runs. **Free domestic shipping with direct order. Item #69053

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