Dyn number 2, July-August 1942. Wolfgang Paalen, publisher.

Dyn number 2, July-August 1942

Mexico City: the editor, 1942. The second of five issues (6 numbers). 6 mounted plates (5 color), 1 hors-texte original woodcut by Paalen, 9 other plates (2 color), plus 10 text illustrations. 62 pp. Original paper covers. 28.3 x 22.5 cm. Texts variously in English or French by Wolfgang and Alice Paalen, Edward Renouf, Charles Givors, César Moro, and Eva Sulzer; artwork by both Paalens, Brassaî, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, John Dawson, Jean Caroux, Carlos Mérida, Henry Moore, Edward Renouf, Henri Rousseau, and Eva Sulzer. This issue contains an "Inquiry into Dialectical Materialism," with statements by Bertrand Russell, Sidney Hook, Albert Einstein, Clement Greenberg, Dwight Macdonald, Parker Tyler, and others. Paalen was a member of the Surrealist Group until 1942, when he broke with André Breton and began publishing Dyn as a way to reconcile Surrealism with the larger world. He later rejoined the Surrealists. "Dyn," from "dynaton," Greek for "the possible," also was the title of a 1951 exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Art that featured Paalen and his friends Gordon Onslow-Ford and Lee Mullican. Thie upper corner of the rear cover and the final leaf are water-damaged; a 1 x 1-1/2-cm piece of the final leaf (advertisement) tore out and is stuck to the cover, but it does not affect text. Some light staining of rear cover; less on front; in any case, solid and better than most. Please see my listings for Dyn 1, 4/5, and 6. **Free domestic or international shipping with direct order. Item #71906

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