Membership card and three related items

Paris: Collége de Pataphysique, 1957. I never would have imagined our old friend Legman as a likely disciple of Pataphysics, but here is the evidence, with provenance from an unimpeachable source: his widow, Judith Evans Legman, the daughter of Henry and Patricia Evans, two other old friends of even longer standing. Perhaps it reflects irony or an ever-contrarian spirit. Four items: Membership card filled out by G. Legman and dated 4 Absolu 84, which translates to 11 September 1957. Card, printed both sides in green on yellow paper and stamped in purple and red. 9.5 x 12.6 cm. PLUS Collége de Pataphysique Statuts. An LXXVI E. P. (1949). Yellow paper covers and [12] pp. Printed in green throughout. 16 x 12.3 cm. Covers lightly foxed. ALSO Leaflet, "Qu'est-ce que le Collége de 'Pataphysique?" Lightweight yellow paper printed in black. 26.8 x 21 cm. Folded once, as issued. PLUS recent 16 x 23-cm envelope mailed to me by Judith Legman. **Free domestic shipping with direct order. Item #90301

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