Why this page?

BookHound™, the database that runs this website, processes only items catalogued here through its shopping cart, as it should. What about the many orders we receive for uncatalogued items? How can it possibly handle them? This page, with its item number identifying it as a legitimate entry, is the answer. Its sole function is to transmit your credit-card number to us safely and securely in encrypted form.

Since you are here, you presumably have been in touch with us already. What follows is a simple, but unusual procedure. Please read the next four, brief paragraphs carefully to avoid misunderstandings.

In the bad old days, when you wanted to order any of the 40,000 items we can supply but have not yet catalogued individually on line, you had to call or take the risk of breaking up the card number into parts and sending them by e-mail.

No more. To start, please click on "Add to cart." Then, fill out the order form in the usual manner. You can use the Special Instructions box to confirm your order or for other communications.

Once we receive the card number, real, responsible humans process it. No charges go through automatically. If you wish to use Paypal, please advise us first. We will send you an invoice in the correct amount.

Please ignore the $1.11 price. That field has to contain a number, and this seemed better than most. Otherwise, it is of no consequence.

Why Ynnnaymuuutay?

About the peculiar "word" in the title field: we wanted something genuinely odd with at least a hint of relevance. The "z"s in a Finnish-English dictionary seemed promising, but Finnish has no "z"s. Turning the page back to "y" immediately produced the phrase "ynnä muuta," meaning "et cetera." Perfect! To reduce the likelihood that anyone ever would stumble upon it by accident, I added an "n," a "u," and two "y"s, and subtracted a space and the diaerisis or umlaut or whatever the Finns call it on the first "a." Item #99999

Price: $1.11