The Artforum Index:

Volume I, number 1, through volume VII, number 4

June 1962 through December 1968

1000 copies published 1 July 1970 as
Artforum, 1962-1968: a cumulative index to the first six years

by Laurence McGilvery, La Jolla, California.

Corrections and new information about personal dates are welcome.

This revised, free, on-line version published 1 November 2009.
© 1970, 2002 & 2009 by Laurence McGilvery. All rights reserved.

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The High Performance Index:

A partial, interim version

© 2002 & 2009 by Art in the Public Interest
Numbers 1-32 | Numbers 33-40 | Numbers 58/9-70

Priced list of available runs, single issues, and Astro Artz books and tapes on pp. 112-115

Numbers 42-57 and 71-6 not available at present

This free, on-line index to over two-thirds of the issues has three sources. Cumulative indexes for the first forty issues appeared in numbers 41/2 (vol. 11, numbers 1/2; Spring/Summer 1988). They were divided into two parts, as follows:

Numbers 1-32 (vols. 1-8, February 1978-1985)

Numbers 33-40 (vols. 9-10, 1986-87)

These printed versions were scanned in 2002, using advanced character-recognition software, and then proofed carefully. Nevertheless, errors undoubtedly remain, and corrections are welcome. Their content is unchanged.

The index for numbers 58/9-69/70 was prepared for the publishers' own internal use. Steven Durland graciously supplied it in digital format.

Because of significant differences in style and format, the three segments appear here as separate but connected files. I hope this partial, interim version will prove helpful to librarians, researchers, and students.

Laurence McGilvery
La Jolla, California, 1 November 2009

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